First Strawberry!

Who will be the first to eat a fruit from the Greenside Communty Centre?!?

There are also a couple of sweet peas ready to be eaten raw!

So the plants are doing well. I am planning to add a borage for attracting pollinators (and borage’s flowers are edible and yummy!).

Rules during the covid-19 pandemic:

Some basic rules are to be applied for you to enjoy eating free raw food safely.

The corona virus can survive up to 5 days on metal, 4 days on wood. It is not clear how long it can survive on plants. WHO advise shoppers to wash Fruits & Veg.
So in the case of harvesting yourself raw fruits and veg you can also follow the WHO advice.

And if you want you can wash your fruit/veg and your hand easily as there is a tap water (I may leave some soap and a washing bowl next to it) in the corner next to the big bin.

On top of that advice please read the following simple rule I would like you to follow, it’s easy and respectful for other people.

The Rule at the Community Centre is simple:

  • Spot the fruit or veg you want
  • Observe it carefully without touching it
  • Make your choice
  • Once you have touched it, pick it up
  • Enjoy!

Even if the risk of virus transmission through touching a fruit/veg is probably very low, please don’t change your mind after touching one.

Next steps:

I am now working on making a couple of signs that will be visible from the sidewalk to encourage people to come and enjoy these gifts from nature.
I will also add more plants and expand to the other borders.

Grow your own!

One of the goals of this project is to encourage you to grow your own food. I hope to write more about it in the near future to tell you about my own experience and hopefully to share advice.

Thank you…

Big THANK YOU to ‘Our Villages Crawcrook-Greenside‘ for funding the setting costs for this project.
Also thank you to The Greenside Community Centre for allowing me to use their space to implement this permaculture design (website / facebook page).
Finally thank you to my dear fellow Twigers from Transition West Gateshead for your help and support.

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