Daddies, parents, carers, we have to save our children’s future.

Have you listen to Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN Climate Action Summit?
As many adults, as many environmental activist, I admire her. Her words have an impact on me like a powerful emotional tsunami. She has waked me up.

As parents we have to protect our children and stop this non-sense, our economical model is trashing our kids future by wrecking our environment and injecting megatons of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

On top of that we are destroying other animals habitat and food resources, we are killing them by the hundred of millions every day.

I have been an activist for years, I have witnessed very few changes in people’s views and actions on the climate crisis, until very recently. I always been quite shy and very respectful of people’s opinion, not willing to upset people in the street while trying to make them sign petitions or letters to councilors and MPs. I was probably lacking confidence, and I know a lot of people like me, Eco-conscious, trying to do positive things, trying to persuade people in a kind and gentle way to not disturb or scare them too much.
But this time has changed now, I am who I am, I believe we have going in the opposite direction of where we should heading for too long. My personal energy and beliefs is now summing -up with millions of people, including very young people, thanks to Greta, thanks to extension rebellion and others.

We should, we must have a regenerative fossil-fuel-free economy based on small scale networks, minimising long-haul transportation. Above all we must stop consuming goods at this insane level.
Petrol has been great for helping to develop our world, but now we need to stop all investment in fossil fuel industry until it collapses!
It is time to switch from a destructive economic system to a regenerative one.

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