Improving my gardening skills is my retirement plan!

Improving my gardening skills is my retirement plan!

It had been a while since I dug. Since I have embraced permaculture techniques and especially mulching, I have stop digging the earth for preparing a crop. But this year I decided to dig a part of my allotment for two reasons:
Because I ran out of mulching material.
Because there is an allotment inspection soon!

That second reason is quite a shame really, I have the feeling that I need to show some naked ground to the eyes of council inspectors because that is probably what they think an allotment should look like. Having poly-cultures mulched beds with alley bursting with overgrown wild flowers and weeds apparently is a breach of contract…

Well anyway while I was digging and trying to improve my spade technique and weed extracting on the go I was thinking that although it’s not an action that I consider normal, it is still a valuable skill to have. And for the first reason mentioned earlier, sometimes you do need to do a good clearing before starting to grow vegetables in a new area.

And continuing in my head a discussion that I started with a friend another day, as I have no retirement plan (or pension plan… I am not sure what the difference is, I will need to dig on that…) learning food growing skills is a sort of investment for my retirement. I do like the idea that I should be able to feed my wife, myself and at least the rest of my family, in the future, when I will have much more time and less physical ability, without spending any money. So digging is a good skill to have, and knowing the best way to do it, when to do it, and especially when to not do it could be very valuable. I did feel my back achy today, and I also thought that along with these digging skills I should do more work out to have a strong back!

Being self-employed for 4 years now, I really should think about putting some money aside for when I will be retired but when I will be I don’t think I will need a lot of money and I will be very happy to have a simple life harvesting with no pain every day of the year enough food for a healthy happy life.

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