A quiet Valentine day

This article is just little piece about my life at the moment: Super Busy!

It’s Valentine day, and today I did not cook anything like used to do sometime and this time Valentine day also looked like a routine but with a lack of energy to go with.

Last night after an evening working very late from home for my new client, I was very tired but still buzzing with ideas and thinking of the future. I woke up very tired, pulled my 3 boys to school, worked hard in a garden until mid-afternoon to get my children back from school. I fell asleep sitting at the table during snack time so we were a late for Tae Kwon Do!

My dear Partner had organised a very nice prepared meal to mark the day. And she also saved me from raging against the kids not going to bed by taking care of that energy drawing task.
Here I am writing this very short article about our Valentine Day. I hope yours was awesome, let me know about it, what you actually think about Valentine Day, if it’s a good or a bad day for you.

I am in a transitional period coming from Daddy at home and going to need to adapt quickly to this new situation (check my last article on my new situation) with 2 jobs.

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