Four years later: 2 jobs!

Just as I had found a nearly perfect routine, I went for the challenge of having 2 jobs!

In September last year, with my youngest child going full time at school I decided to apply for a job. It was outside of the regular job market system, no real interview, just chat with a person I met through the North East Permaculture network here in England. It was and it is a type of job I was hoping to find: an outdoor job, and working with plants: gardener/landscaper assistant.
I was actually already struggling to find some time to post regular new part of my LibreOffice Tutorial but I was able to stick to about 1 article every two weeks and finished it in a relatively decent amount of time.

But since then I have been very quiet on this blog until today, I am not going to spend to much time on this one as I am really busy now. In fact the busy part of Super Busy Daddy has taken all the weight of my blog writer name now!

It also has been 4 years today since I left my corporate job, I did a couple of reviews about my situation and my feelings: 1 year and 2 years after I left IBM so it’s probably time to do another review just now.

I think I have lost my anger that I talked about in my article 2 years after I left that work. I am still passionate by permaculture and in fact I passed my Permaculture Design Certificate 2 years ago and I sign-up for the Diploma Applied in Permaculture Design last year. And further than that the 2 jobs I am doing now are going to help me to achieve my Permaculture design.

I have the feeling that everything I am doing is putting me on track on what I want to achieve. However there is still a long way to go and it is not an easy track either.

Since I left IBM in 2015 I have been self-employed work as engineer assistant/CAD-assistant for a street lighting company called Pathway Lighting UK. Part of my job was to use AutoCad and I also was able to use my VBA (Excel Macro) skills alot. And learning AutoCad actually opened me an unexpected door. I am now starting my 2nd part time job which going to involve a lot of autoCad: Garden Design Assistant.

And I am very excited about it because this is really going to bring me new very useful skills for my Permaculture design career I want.

I am not saying that you should quit your corporate job tomorrow and go self-employed to do what you like! But I strongly advice you to think about it and to see what options you have.

I have to admit that I have got some circumstances that helped me to have no activities for a while, and looking back now, these circumstances are part of the options I should have considered earlier. It is that as a Family we are receiving a bit of help from the government, but the reason is because 2 of our children have learning difficulties, one of whom has quite severe delays of about 3 years. This meant that keeping a normal job was really not easy because of having to go very often to a lot of different medical appointments for them as well as going to regular therapeutical play based groups, as well as constant need of extra-care. So the financial help has actually helped to cover the lack of a normal pay job.
In fact that I did not know that I was going to face that situation when I decided to leave my regular salary job, I had completely other plans. I was planning to have a YouTube channel and put a lot of time in building it. I ended up doing this blog instead and to try to do some part-time self-employed work.

And in fact I am now reaching a new step stone in my life which can be summarised in a short Phrase: Get On With It!

Working as a gardener really helped me to realise, and thanks to Michael, my friend who gives me contracts, and teach me this wonderful but hard work, that sometimes it’s better to crack on with the job rather than trying to make it perfect. You have to find a compromise but don’t spend too much time on finding it, think twice, measure twice to avoid rework, but not more.

Since I had that GOWI (Get On With It!) revelation it seems that being Super Busy although never been so real, is actually achievable, and I also decided to commit more to this blog by applying this Get On With It technique! So no more holding back on writing because I have the feeling that I don’t have enough information to write a big very interesting article, instead I will write what I can and what I feel to keep this blog alive.

I was actually inspired by a podcast from programming throwdown about committing to what I do, and also that it’s important to learn how to teach yourself. And mixing the two: to teach oneself new skills is also something I want to do. I actually realised that my series on LibreOffice Tutorial attracted more visitors on this blog so I am quite excited about it and I am planning to to do more of these.

Therefore I am announcing here and loud that I intend to write some tutorials on Python Macro for LibreOffice, so watch this space if you want to learn very useful skills that can boost your activity with an open source free software.

So my new challenge is to be able to juggle with 2 jobs, 3 kids, 1 allotment (this going to be very difficult!) 1 diploma, 1 Transition movement and 1 Super Busy Daddy blog!

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