Extinction Rebellion Day!

I am making a quick pause from my tutorial today to let you know that

I am Super Busy Daddy and I support the Extinction Rebellion Movement!!!


I wish I could join the many thousand people The London’s Extinction Rebellion March on Saturday 17th of November 2018 March in London. But I am in Newcastle with my 3 boys, my wife and my two cats, so I will contribute in one way or another to this movement.

As a daddy, I care for the future of my children and your children, I also care for the future of all animals and plants on this planet.

I feel this movement is so peaceful and powerful enough to shake the political status quo on Climate change, Biodiversity loss, pollution, social injustice, species mass extinction, etc… etc…

So Daddies of the world join the momentum of this movement or any other movement asking for a big change from the current destructive direction to regenerative solutions for this world.

Stand up and Shout!

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