Time to find your perfect regular physical activity.

In precedent articles I looked at the way I manage my time and also the way I look at time. In this article I am presenting you how I finally found the right physical activity that suits my time schedule.

It took me a while to find it but now I think I have my base routine in place that is keeping me fit enough to not fall into pieces!
Many medical research are now pointing to the fact that a regular physical activity is the key to live longer, to be more healthy and more resistant to sickness. And by regular, they mean daily. And by physical activity they mean a short but intense one, that makes your heart beat going fast for a moment. NHS even got quite good advices about the various way you could do it. But it is easier to say “you should do 30 minutes of exercise per day” than actually find these 30 minutes per day… Because you need to put your shorts , T-shirt and sport shoes on, get the mat ready, a glass of water on the table, some gear if you need any, etc… Then you may want a shower and get dress back to your casual work uniform, etc.. I mean there are some preparation and other things associated with these 30 minutes making it easily 45 minutes… I tried a few different routines that were 30 minutes long, they were good and efficient but I simply could not include them in my daily schedule and I found that they were too tiring and hard to follow on along term basis. So I then decided to go for 15 minutes of intense exercises every day and it is much more easier to keep it as a long term commitment. And I also realised that the term daily should be loose! ( a bit like my time schedule)
Indeed it is not worth getting stressed about not being able to do sport on a particular day, even many days in a row, as long as you go back to it when you can again. For example, I am doing much less sport during school holidays, simply because I just don’t find the right quiet time to do it. So I typically do my sport 3 to 4 times a week during school time and probably about 1 or 2 time a week during the holiday. I found a good routine that I am going to use as my base point for now. The one I have chosen is called “15 minute Hell” by Chris Pizzo on the Udemy Tutorial portal (I paid it reduced at £10 and I can watch it anytime). My plan is also to try other ones like the “30 day challenge” (free, from Betty Rocker) and come back to my base point when I don’t know what else to do. It is actually very good to try different routines not only to learn different movement like I learned the crazy Gymnastic Bridge (“15 minute Hell”) but also because it challenges different muscles, joints and triggers different neural pathways in your brain. A good mix is the best, and if it can include yoga and stretching moves it’s even better.
Straight after this “daily” sport routine,I am now doing 10 minutes of “daily” relaxation following mindfulness meditation technique. But I’ll talk about that in another article.


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