Time Consciousness, the boat of life.

This is episode 3 of sequence of articles about time management. I introduced the overall plan in the very first article.

Then in my previous article I briefly explained how I follow a loose time-plan in order to manage my life as Super Busy Daddy.

This one is now a bit more abstract. I am going to explain how I ‘see’ time, or more exactly, how I perceive it.

We are bound to time! Indeed in many aspect of our life, time is running ahead of us, never stopping, and we are trying to catch up with time. Yet nowadays we usually do have enough time to accomplish things that are really important to us. Life expectancy for most of us allows us to think that we still have time to achieve things before we die. And if you know that your life is going to be shorter than you expected, what I am telling you just after is even more important:
In my article about new year resolution a while ago I talked about the importance of recognising your own values in life. It is also important to keep these values like love, compassion, risk, honesty, or any core values, in your mind, to check from time to time how close or how far you are following these values. Each of these values should be your sails and these values all together should be your boat. And this is a number one tip from people that are living a real happy life. When you recognise that you are more or less on the track you want to be while following your core values, then time is not scary any more, it’s just a gentle breeze that makes your life moving forward.

Daily tasks, work, chore, projects of any sorts like getting rid of my old golf, are going to be done… or not… and that’s OK if they are not done as fast as you or your boss want it to be done… As long as you keep your integrity in face of your values. And if one of your value is to be excellent at work, then it’s a good opportunity to show it and finish your work project on time. But remember that even if you cannot manage to finish something on time, what is important is that you tried the best you could, without ruining your physical and mental health, and that you kept following your values as close as possible like staying honest, friendly, committed, etc…

And there comes what I called Time Consciousness. Or being conscious of what time really is.

I used to see time as a short calendar, not being able to plan anything further than 2-3 months in advance. And in my mind I am still used to advance one step stone at a time, a step stone being something like holiday abroad, an important hospital appointment for a child, an organised event and so on. This gave me the feeling to be constantly trapped in a never ending  race. My boat is at the mercy of any storm. A race with time itself where my only way to go forward is to ‘have to do this’ then ‘have to do that’. Then one important principle that I learned and that is directly coming from the list of permaculture principles, helped me to take a step backward and look at time with a new eye: “Use slow and small solutions”. We, humans, have the ability to think: to think ahead, to think of different solutions, to think back. Having more time to think is always better, it gives you time to observe to get used to things. So for example if you are trying to lose weight, a quick very restrictive diet is rarely going to work, it could work for a few months but probably not years… Where slowly working on the underlying causes of overweight like what could be a mental trigger and seeking a balanced diet, going on a long journey keeping in mind your goal to be healthy (rather than ‘not fat’), small manageable steps at a time discovering how one’s body works by doing your own research for instance, will get you where you want to be.

Now I see time as a big room with enough space to put all the things I want to do in my life. I want my kids to enjoy loads of different foods, for now they are very picky but I continue to offer them diversity in tastes, they would rarely try new things but we have TIME, we have plenty of room to try again and again without getting anybody upset! I want to learn 3d modelling, web design, AI programming, I want to grow more and more food, to lose my belly fat… I have TIME with me! Not against me. I hope you do too.
And regarding losing my belly fat… it’s on track and again this is because I am following a solution that helped me to make it exercising part of my life. I will explain how in my next article, as well as the importance of mindfulness for my own mental health…

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