My allotment today: always have a plan B!

Today I planned to pop in the allotment for 2 jobs:

  1. Checking seedling in the Greenhouse, making sure all is ok.
  2. Installing the shelves in the Shed.

First job went quickly, I was actually happy to see the broad beans finally really showing up.

For the second job, it was all going smoothly, I was taking out all the stuff from the side of the shed where the shelves were going to be.

Once all was out, I realised that a big part of the floor and the base of a wall were completely damped. But whatever! I thought, that it was not a big deal, it would dry eventually if I move all wet cardboard leaning on the outside of that wall and if I don’t cover that part of the floor with anything it may be enough to breath out all humidity and dry out. I will of course follow that closely.




So then was I happily going to put the first shelf thinking that the shelves were going to rest on the cross wood bars between the standing ones, paying not attention to the multiples holes drilled at regular intervals along these standing posts… So I tried to fit a shelf between the two side posts and it did not fit! I suddenly remember that the shelves used to have metallic bits in these holes to hold them and these bits were somewhere… at home…

I did not have any other choice than to put everything back in the shed, quickly because it was starting to rain…


So basically in 3 photos here is what happen:

As I did not have a plan B, I simply had to go back home and leave that job for another day…

Always have a plan B!


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