My allotment today: Who dug that hole in my greenhouse?!?

On the 5th of January this year 2018, following my discover of two tunnels under the big shelve in my greenhouse at my last visit, I needed to fill them up and try to stop the invasion in my greenhouse!

I also found out that the vent glass pane slid down and therefore there was an opening on the roof. I quickly refitted it temporarily knowing that I will need to find a better longer solution as it is the second time this happen.

Regarding the tunnels, they have more than likely been dug by rats! Considering that I found poos likely made by rats in the greenhouse last summer, that I also found the same sort of tunnels in the compost pile then a dead rat in the middle of the allotment path a couple of month ago, and I also personally sighted one of these beasts alive around the compost pile about a year ago. As my permaculture tutor said if  you see one you can be certain there are at least 10 of them, if you see 10 there are at least 100 of them…

So the first plan is to block these tunnels and all the base of the greenhouse. Then I am not sure what to do… if I were to be serious with it I should put some trap to kill them. The immediate problem is the integrity of the greenhouse itself, indeed I am scared that their tunnel could make the ground collapse under any side of the greenhouse making all the structure to be unsecure.

So today until I was caught by darkness I gathered in a big box all the soil from the pots that are on the big shelve for re-use.







I will go back as soon as I can to move the shelve and the wood palette that it is resting on, to be able to access these tunnels entrance and fill them with earth. Then I will block all potential entrance at the base of the greenhouse.

I also noticed a leak in the shed’s roof, another unexpected job to be done…


And I still need to fix the door.




One very important job soon to come is to plan this new growing year and also to do a report of last year’s inputs/outputs.

And start sowing, how exciting!

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