My allotment today: Back to work!

On the 3rd of January this year 2018, I finally went back to my allotment after a long period of inactivity.

My first jobs are finishing children’s raised beds and clearing the Greenhouse for the new growing season.

The plan was to fill the open gaps on the corners of the 2 frames for the future raised beds. For that I simply screwed 2 planks on each of the biggest open corners (1 per raised bed).

That was quick and easy, now I am not really expecting the raised beds to last very long, i would be very happy if they resist dampness and rottenness for two years.





My idea is that anyway it will gradually transform in a Hugel bed while the frame will collapse with time.



While I was looking for a solution to fill in smaller gaps on the other corners,
I looked around for some material and found exactly what I needed. In fact I was looking for re-using remaining of that solid plastic packaging that was covering the long aluminium greenhouse base frame and it was a perfect match.




I already used that same plastic for the sand pit, it is easy to cut and seems very solid while relatively

Job is not finished yet as I will add even smaller strips of that orange plastic to block soil from escaping the frame on the even smaller corners gap.




As I entered in my greenhouse, I felt like I was falling in quick sands… The usually hard  compacted earth ground was very soft. I quickly realised that it was earth that had been dug out from a tunnel right under the big shelve…

So my next job will be to stop these uninvited hidden visitors, there is nothing to nibble on at the moment in the Greenhouse but it will soon enough be full of yummy shouts of all sorts of plants and I can’t stand thinking to loose these sprouting beauty to the Rats!

I also noticed a leak in the shed’s rood, another unexpected job to be done…

To be continued…



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