Today’s Tea menu: fish fingers sandwich – the controversial option

This busy evening is a good opportunity to try one of the finest cuisine recipe… Fish fingers sandwich.

Although most children love fish fingers, these easy to cook and easy to bite pieces of food are often seen as unhealthy cheap lazy nibbles.
But what are they really?

Well for a start according to British Nutrition Foundation nearly 1 in 5 British children thinks that fish fingers are made from chicken.
So Fish Fingers are confusing…
I suspect some parents want to keep it that way, making dinner time easier to cope with when their offspring like chicken but not fish.
The discussion about Fish fingers being healthy, yet fish fingers sandwich being unhealthy, is a common topic on parents and mums forums. The usual idea is that it’s fish which is good, but it’s processed food, which is not good.
So again Fish Fingers are confusing, good and bad…
To me it’s a convenient food, which I would happily replace by a healthier option if I could, like a proper home cooked fish. The other problem is that I love fish fingers myself… So tonight I made these FF sandwiches with gluten free, dairy free buns. It’s a bit of a contradictory menu as FF have gluten on one end and that bun ( a bit dry to my taste) has none. Some could argue (like me!) that it is to keep the balance. I indeed think that no gluten is very difficult to achieve and may be not necessary. However the less gluten the better.
I tried to sneak in a veg finger in the middle of the sandwich thinking it would go unnoticed, unfortunately it did not… And was evicted quite rudely! Those veg fingers had no chance, neither did the piece of cucumber. Only ketchup made it to the end, and the bread barely made went through as well.
So Fish fingers are confusing, good, bad and not tolerant!

Now they can be very bad at their worse, if made with fish from unsustainable sources. And some say that they can be made from any part of the fish, any type of fish, all mixed together… but is that bad? Isn’t it better to put all part of a fish and square it rather than selecting best pieces and throw the rest away? I guess the rest can be used for other type of food, like cat food…
They are definitely confusing, good and bad, intolerant and controversial!
That makes my evening meal quite thoughtful and philosophical, until one of my child shout “More fish fingers!”

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