My Allotment today: quick watering and harvesting…

Today it was a quick call. Zoomed on my bicycle at 8:00pm, there in 5 mins. Back at home for 9:05pm.

Job done today:
I did water all plants in the greenhouse and plants waiting impatiently in their pot outside in the unfinished raised bed to find their place their once it’s been mulched properly.
I also continued pruning the grapevine, now all the plants can get much more sunlight.
And a bit of picking berries…

I have harvested about 250 g of Strawberries. I haven’t got the exact figure because my wife used most of them already before I had a chance to weight my harvest. So today I can only make estimations…

Strawberries: ~250g (about 30 pieces)
Raspberries: ~40g (just a few…)
Black Current: ~12g (really nothing… but soon going to have loads!)
Gooseberries!: ~25g (just for a first taste before the big load- I love them!)

On the short term planning:
I have to move cucumber and gherkins into their final place as soon as possible. They are going to flower very very soon. I don’t think I need to ‘weather’ them because it is (I hope) going to be quite warm in the next few days.
But the big priority is to finish that raised bed to be able to plant the extra courgettes, and all sorts of plants that are not planned to be in the main crop.
Now as Super Busy Daddy, I always have to find the right balance between Day work, Kids care, House care, garden care and blog share…
If you follow this garden section of my blog, you will realise that I am actually not an expert in gardening but I observe a lot, learn from my mistakes and sharing my growing experience is also a way to keep my allotment journal alive!

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