The “Bronzed Cat” effect or How to get my kids to play outside!

The “Bronzed Cat” effect or How to get my kids to play outside!

I am doing some research to get ideas in order to get my children to play more often outside, and honestly not really getting much results, but suddenly on a mild sunny winter Saturday morning… A “Bronzed” cat appeared on our shed’s roof…
So you may ask what is a “Bronzed” cat… well I am not too sure of the spelling or the exact meaning, it is definitely to do with colours. “Look at the Bronzed Cat, he is there!” This is in fact how my middle boy who is 5, close to his 6 years old, called that big fluffy ginger cat that was sitting royally on our shed’s roof. We can see our shed from inside the kitchen and from our living room.
I have to say that cat looked astonishingly nice and had that playful look in his eyes.
My son actually told me about that cat before, and I had never seen it around until this morning. You have to know that we have two young cats, one male and one female. None of them are yet “fixed”, so they have their full hormonal system on although they are still too young to feel the full potential of it… But other mature cats form the surrounding neighbourhood certainly can feel some of that potential already. They are indeed very  aware of the presence of Iris, our little cat female. Therefore there has been quite a few cats, the usual ones, popping by in our backyard. But this time it was a new one and here we are now… One minute after my children were harassing me about getting their “computer time”, as I was prepared for another day fighting to have them to put a foot outside the house, here they are putting their boots on, still in pyjamas, rushing outside in the backyard to see the “Bronzed Cat”!
All my effort and research about getting kids outside just vanished in one instant, in front of that beautiful cat with his big eyes starring at us.
The power of one!
One thing is enough to replace all other things, you just need to find the right thing!
Well of course The Ginger Tom jumped off the shed and rushed away in a zoom as soon as the first of my children put his foot outside. But then… They stayed outside to play, they even came back inside to get better clothes and went back outside. The 3 of them! For 1 hour and a half!
They played with cold water and a hose, they even had to change clothes again because they got wet, twice… But I let them played on their own. I was so happy!
My children are actually like that, and I wonder if all children are the same… They can have unpredictable reactions and give you a big heap of hope just when you are desperate and think they will never change…

But of course they do change, they do grow up and they get better. They learn, they try, they miss, they try again, they dislike, they enjoy, they hate, they love,  they live, at full speed… and our role is to give them the range of possibilities, not to restrict their choices. They came back with cold hands and were starting to cough a bit, but happy and exhausted. I gave them 5 more minutes of computer time each ( for the two elder ones), not sure if it was the right thing to do but I was so happy that I wanted to reward them.
I don’t think I will be able to reproduce the “Bronzed” cat effect, but I hope that they will remember how much fun they had, on a mild sunny winter Saturday morning.



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