Already two years since I quit my job: still doing OK being self employed, But…

Already two years since I quit my job: still doing OK being self employed, But…
It has been 2 years since I left my job as SAP consultant in a well known big corporate company. And for the first time since I left the corporate world I feel that things are becoming a bit challenging. I have to admit that I have looked many times at jobs adverts on the job market. However I did not answer to any emails or phone from recruitment agent. Anyway I am not attracted by any so called “attractive package”. Especially if it’s so send me to London, far from my family to work for a gas, petrol, pharmaceutical, finance or marketing company. These are the worsts to me and they are all  the ones that I want to avoid in the first place!
In fact I feel uncomfortable (to be polite) when I look at the wording used in jobs descriptions… I just can’t bite that pie any more. Linked-in in particular makes me feel sick. Competition, sales, customer-focused,  growths are all words that I am struggling with. I know I am being probably over sensible when looking at careers that involves going into the wrong direction for me. It did put me in some awkward situation a few times. Like when I met a very good friend that I had not seen for a long time, I was explaining boldly that Marketing jobs adverts make me puke. A few minutes later his wife told me during a conversation that she was proud of him been now head of the marketing team in his company… oh oh… Well he is a friend so he knows me and I hope he understands me.
The thing is that I consider marketing as one of the worse things invented. I do think that the logic of marking and branding is responsible for overconsumption and overproduction of goods. Leading to over extraction of natural resources and over destruction of our planet. This is my point of view as a Daddy that cares for the future of its children..

Am I in a temporary state of mind, a sort of transition towards the life I really want? Do I really need to dislike that much this global job market to be able to go what I think is the right direction in my life?
I don’t know!

What I know is that I have never felt at my right place when I was working in a huge company and for a major customer that sells millions of goods everywhere with little concerns for its impact on the planet, doing only the bare minimum and only for its own good publicity. I don’t want to give any names yet. Not because I am scared of telling my views, only because I don’t want to make any good or bad publicity for them at all!


But it is difficult to be self employed, and part-timer on top of that…
My revenue is not guaranteed every month, building something that is worth putting my energy in, is not easy at all. I have to admit that I did regret a few times leaving my comfy job two years ago.

Last year I was probably still quite excited of that feeling of freedom and even proud of making my own choice to leave a “normal” situation. This year I think I am more realistic of what I have to achieve and that I need to be patient. And that I still want to continue this way. It is the path I have chosen!

And this path is based on on of my main my values which is Caring. Caring for my people and caring for the planet.
You may say that caring means earning as much money as possible to provide to your people. It is not the way I think, yet providing is an important element but should not be reduced to providing material (like toys). I am always trying to not be patronising in my articles, I hope you realised that 🙂 but Do check what permaculture is. The logic behind permaculture, its philosophy makes a lot of sense to more and more people. Facts and solutions using permaculture thinking processes gives hope and shows possible solutions that really attracted me. And in facts when I think in a very positive way triggered by permaculture ideas I am able to see now all the job adverts that were disgusting me as good hopes!

In short: all these business skills and marketing ideas could be derived toward caring for people, for the planet and to share resources on this planet. Such an amount of energy used in creating competition between us could be used to cooperate and to solve the earth’s crisis: climate change, social justice and environmental preservation.
This is the baseline of my work as a Super Busy Daddy on this blue planet and I will follow this path knowing it is a challenging one but it so worth it!




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