How did I do in 2016? And how did the rest of the world do? 2016 review

How did I do in 2016? Last review of my resolutions… Not so good…

Last year I have been building a solid set of New year resolutions, then half way through 2016 I reviewed these resolutions and found out that I only achieved 37% of the targets. Let’s see how I have been doing in the 2nd part of the year. I have the feeling I have been even worse. Aouch!

I am keeping the same scoring method as the one I had chosen in my half way review :

0 nothing or only little done
1/2 done a little bit but should have done more
1 done
2 when done very well

Love and care about my wife, sons, family and friends all the time.
I feel like I have been doing well, of course the best would be to ask my family and friends. Although I have not seen much friends around I can fell that we have strong bonds. The end of year have been difficult with a lot of stress going on, and we managed my wife and I to keep the household smooth, at the cost of our health I think. My partner though ended up very tired and frustrated about having organised a lot of activities during the Christmas break, and there was quite often dramas being late or unprepared, with the armada of 3 boys at full screaming power sometimes…
So Care and Love must have had harsh time in the face of anger and stress again, however the power of loving bonds and support between my wife and I helped to go finally triumph with Love and Care!
I’ll keep 1 point for this…
Score: 1

Call my parents at least once a week.
There has been quite a lot of weeks, sometime nearly a month without calling my Family or My Partner’s Family at all. And another growing problem, is that my sons are not behaving well sometimes when we call, they are not interested and they found it funny to do gross things in front of the camera. Moving the camera toward the screen that their grandparents see themselves instead of us is OK once for a laugh but more than once is too much and it does upset my parents… I am sure that they would not behave the same way and they would be more respectful of their grand parents if they were physically in the same room. Zero!

Score: 0

Call my sisters and her family at least once a month.
It did start well but then we lost contact again and we haven’t called each other for maybe 3 month before Christmas and New Year. But I’ll put half a point because last year was still encouraging…

Call, email a few friends every Wednesday (Friends Day).
Pitfully scoring a zero here again…
Score: 0

Do yoga and/or high impact exercise at least once a week, likely Saturday and/or Sunday Morning.

On this one, I should score a 1/2 as I did well a good part of the year then gave up. I did a bit of badminton, just a bit… It’s 2017 now and I am nearly ready to start again. In fact I have been stuggling to go early to bed since I have been spending much more time in the evening working on this blog, on my transition town blog, on blender, Unity, web development and Python programming. I am sure that I will find soon a balance between computer and body!

Practice meditation, relaxation and/or mindfulness once a week.
Boooh! Not ready yet to step up spiritually, mindfully, etc…

Do 15 minutes exercises/movements after waking-up every morning.

1/2 again as I have stopped doing it because I am waking up just on time for preparing the children for school every morning and too lazy and tired in the week-end…

Work at the allotment 3 hours per week or more
I think that I am on track on this, even if I have been doing much less in hte winter, I have managed to go quite often at my allotment to do a bit of work every time. So I keep a 1.

Cycle more
I have cycled more this year, but I could have cycled much more…

Help K and A with Homework
The homework thing has been completely missed out! That is because my sons just want to play when they are back from school and I don’t blame them! I believe that it is indeed more important for them to let their creativity go wild for now with any sort of toys and imaginative games. I still need to score a zero because helping with homework was one of my resolutions…

Do learning activities with A and E once a week:
A is getting to Swimming Lessons, E is going to Forest School. I deserve 1/2 point.

Teach A Music once a month or more:
It has been sporadic… My son A got a 1/4 guitar for Christmas and K got a mp3 player. They were both super happy with their presents. A shows a real interest for music and tunes but is too busy doing other stuff for now… K is enjoying learning the Beatles songs on his own, he loves it. He also likes Daft Punk a lot. I am quite happy that he is on the right side of the musical taste to me… I keep 1/2…

Do programming tutorial once a month or more with K
We let that down a little bit mostly because he prefers to play with Minetest (free open source clone of Minecraft). Still 1/2 as I can’t get 1/4 neither a null…
Score: 1/2

Write a weekly meal planner with K on Sunday
Tried… Failed… Zero… Will find something else…

Continue reducing gluten and sugar:
This is going quite well I have to say, we are definitely reducing more and more gluten and sugar. A bit less for the kids, but my partner and myself are having a very good diet at the moment.

Go to groups and swimming pool weekly with E
I can only keep this half point here, as I have been going to nearly all group sessions, plus forest school with E. But I still not been able to go back to the therapeutic swimming pool with him.It is something I am really going to do again in 2017.

Have time for myself weekly to do what I like
I take a point for this one as I have been able to have time on my own a lot more, although I used it mainly for computer stuffs.

Spend time with my wife without kids more often
Unfortunately I have not been able to do that either, maybe 1 day during the half term holidays but I can’t even remember it. 2017 will definitely see an improvement in me planning regular adults only days or evening, I promise (myself)…

Go outside with kids more often, even when it rains!
Another one to not give up with, and to bounce back in 2017… But zero for now…

Spend minimum 5 hours working weekly on Super Busy Daddy project
I haven’t counted really but I am far from it, and don’t deserve any point…

Post 1 article at least per month
Same as above

Spend at least 2 hours per week on Transition Town and Friend of the Earth activities
I am ganting me 1 point as I have been quite active with my transition group. But nothing with FoE, I don’t even know if there are still people in the group…

Look for at least 1 ecovillage to visit this year
I did visit a place in France. 1 point to encourage me. It was a really nice visit and there was an opportunity to buy a house in the co housing estate. But it was to be happen really quickly and we where not ready also we found that the community did not have governance on energy decisions.

My total score:
(half year score: 8.5 / 23 = 37%
End of year score: 10 / 23 = 43%
Less than 50% of achievement, this is quite poor… But I am keeping faith in my targets, I have not written any new ones for Year 2017 and I would like to keep these ones until I am successful, and I am motivated, I have seen how I can easily get distracted and forget about them but this start of year 2017 is really promising….

I need you to tell me how you manage to keep your plans and targets done, help me!

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