It’s only been a year since I left the corporate world. How did it turn out?

It’s only been a year since I left the corporate world. How did it turn out?

I left my last corporate job Thursday the 5th of February, a year ago.
I worked at that place for 9 years, and I ended working there by saying yes to a voluntary redundancy scheme. That time I agreed to take it, not like the involuntary redundancy I went through with the job I had before that one.
I decided to take that opportunity a year ago because it already had been a while  since I realised that I was not at my right place. My job, although interesting and exciting in terms of challenges and in terms of getting my brain working out solutions, as well as being very flexible (working from home more than 50% of the time) , was not in tune with my convictions.

I was working for one of the big (huge) companies that are generating cash mostly for a few shareholders. One of these companies like so many, that are participating in our planet resource depletions at an increasing rate driven by a sick hunt for more markets and growth. It was not an easy decision, it brought loads of uncertainty, it was going out of my comfort zone, it was bargaining with the future BUT it was fulfilling. Although I miss colleagues there, I would not go back to a similar job unless I have no choice. Some say you always have a choice. I know it sounds like lines from a film. A wise man cheering up a hero that is not accepting the challenge of saving the earth “Super Busy Daddy, you always have a choice. The path to take is not the easiest one and you will encounter hard times but in the end you only decide where you want to go and if you believe in…” Shut up… “OK,OK” says the wise man “in short do what you want buddy”.
Well one year later, I do believe I made the right decision!
See, I am convinced that we need to let local economy come back and stop looking at our money flying away to big head quarters. That is a reason why now I have more time for myself and I can be part of a community working in projects like setting up a solar array in the immediate surrounding, which hopefully will bring money in the local community.

So after leaving my job a year ago I had about 6 months secured to find a new activity and plenty of time to think about it. The idea was to find a part-time job, not far and the rest of the time to look after my children, my allotment, my house, my wife, my friends and family and to start the Super Busy Daddy blog!
I also had in mind to start a youtube channel, I am working on it…

The children element was a huge part of my choice to stop a regular 5 days a week corporate job. Two of my 3 sons have been unlucky. My son in the middle has a “chromosome deletion” on its chromosome 22. It’s called 22q11 and it happen randomly in 1 in 2000 birth, it has a huge range of consequences on a child development like speech delays. It can also be life threatening with children not living more than a week because of heart malfunction. But I intend to write more about that genetic disorder in another post to help people know about it.
My youngest son has been diagnosed with muscles hypotonia probably due to a form of myopathy. It means that he was very floppy in his early months with a head lag (weak head and neck control).  He only walked after his 2 years birthday. So in order to do the right things to attend the multiple doctor appointment, I wanted to be very time-flexible. And I also wanted to spend more time with my elder one who has to cope with being the elder one of two siblings with special needs.
So after 5 months I found a part-time job, or rather a part-time job found me. A neighbour that owns a local company offered me to work for him as a technical assistant. And I decided to be self employed instead of being on his payroll, to allow me more flexibility and to explore that world of being its own boss. It was a new challenge, and I have been lucky. But story like mines are not uncommon. I believe there are more opportunities locally than you think.

Beside my wife is also working part-time, earning in 3 days as much as I was earning in 5 days in my previous job. Between the two of us we cover 5 working days with a parent presence at home so we do make huge savings on childcare.
Add to that a bit of child benefits, having a reasonable lifestyle, for instance not spending much in alcohol and nothing in tobacco, choosing cheap places for holidays, we are doing OK, and we are happy.
BUT don’t be fooled, I am even more a Super Busy Daddy since I left my classic mainstream job. I thought I would have time to do stuff like programming my own apps and developing all sorts of cool stuff, but I barely have time to rest, and when I do have time to rest I contemplate this year back and I feel good. My future is my hands, so could be yours if you seize it with your hands too. It is possible to leave that corporate world indeed!

…and now I need to go to a “let’s get moving” children group with my younger one, and I am late!

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