Happy New Year! How to choose New year resolution

Happy New year to all of you!
Whether you are a Daddy, a Mummy, a grand parent or else, I wish you a healthy and happy new year 2016 indeed.

After a jolly festive winter holiday, my two elder boys are now back at school, and I just dropped off my younger one at the child minder to allow me some times to write and sort Super Busy Daddy things.

First thing is to review my values.

This will help me to commit for a few targets for this year, in the form of new year resolutions.

Second thing is to apply these values in the 4 important areas as listed:
Relationships, Work/Education, Personal growth/health and Leisure.
These are quite common areas in a normal life. You may have also spirituality, mind, intellectual, social, there are actually many words to say it. The best to me is to custom your areas yourself according to where you are going to apply your core values, to what your life is made of. You life with your family, you go to work, you may practice a religion, you go out with your friends, do some physical activities, some art, cooking, gardening, etc…

In third I need to generate a logical yearly action plan embracing these values within the context or the four areas above. This action plan is not meant to have sharp dead lines, but rather achievable time frames. Despite having left the corporate world nearly a year ago I am actually still a lot into tough strict and regulated plans. But I am willing to work on a more natural rhythm, going with the wind! My life, and it is a choice, being focused now on being a Super Busy Daddy, beating on the rhythm of a well tuned fun and happy household. I am convinced that from that state of mind will spring up much more valuable wealth than the common monetary one, without compromising my children’s future even allowing them to express their full creative, emotional and physical potential.

I also need to make sure these targets are high enough to be challenging and motivating without being too hard. For example, I want to write more articles in my Super Busy Daddy website. It should not be hard but I know I probably cannot target writing 1 big text per week. So until I find the right balance between my Super Busy Daddy life and actually writing about this life and other things, I am targeting 1 post per month, whatever the size of it, hoping for finding spare time for more. And if I get rewarded with a growing up audience, I am sure I will be encourage to write more! So cheer me up please!

So the way I am designing my New year resolutions starts with reminding myself my core values (or minding them if one has not yet define its own values) :
Loving, Caring, Healthy living, Helping others, Supporting family and friends, Listening others and Learning.
You may have different values than mines, like Justice, leadership, competition, etc…
Finding your core values is understanding what you really believe in, in your life.

These core values are helping me to take a long term direction in my life and also short and mid-term orientation. Remembering them makes me feel important and valuable toward myself and toward society even if yet I have not achieved any grand plan, day to day love only is already rewarding with my kids and partner.
It is important to not only think of giving, but also to think of receiving from other especially in relationship.

So now applying my core values to the 4 important areas in my life results in some more or less detailed plan like that:

  1. Relationships with:
    1. My Wife:
      1. to make my wife happy and make her feels loved
      2. to care about her and her feelings
      3. to help her overcoming her own stress and worries
      4. to keep her as an honest observer and critic of my projects
    2. My 6 years old son (K):
      1. to make him happy and make him feels loved
      2. to respect him as a person
      3. to listen more to his needs
      4. to help him to have a better food diet
      5. to do learning activities with him like computer programming and DIY
      6. to encourage him to do outdoor activities as well like bicycle or gardening
    3. My 4 years old son (A):
      1. to make him happy and make him feels loved
      2. to respect him as a person
      3. to listen more to his needs
      4. to help him finding a physical activity that he likes
      5. to encourage his natural attraction with music
      6. to help him massively with school and his mental development
    4. My 2 years old son (E):
      1. to make him happy and make him feels loved
      2. to listen more to his needs
      3. to respect him as a person
      4. to continue various activities and groups that help with his development
      5. to spend time alone with him to help him develop himself
    5. My dad:
      1. Dare to approach the “stop smoking subject”
      2. Show him love
      3. Look after his health (my Dad has MS)
    6. My Mum:
      1. Look after her
      2. Show her love
      3.  Reassure her about my peculiar situation
    7. My Sister and my nieces:
      1. Show them love
      2. Contact them more often
      3. Be aware of their health and feelings
    8. Other family:
      1. Contact them more often
      2. Be aware of their health and feelings
    9. Friends:
      1. Contact them more often
      2. Be aware of their health and feelings
  2. Work / Education:
    1. Productivity:
      I would like to bring productivity and efficiency to my part time work place.
    2. Respect:
      I would like to respect my work colleagues, to listen to them, to help them, to learn from them, to learn to them. I would like to keep my relationship with them casual, friendly and professional.
    3. Skills:
      I want to develop many skills, and I am willing to learn being an entrepreneur to run a successful business.
    4. Super Busy Daddy project:
      Write, film, edit, draw, photos, read, interview, etc…
  3. Personal growth/health:
    1. Body:
      1. Start Yoga and practice weekly
      2. Practice high impact exercise more regularly
      3. Food: meal planner, gluten free, low sugar and own veg.
    2. Mind:
      1. Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation
      2. Get more connected with Nature
    3. Knowledge:
      1. Get permaculture design certification
      2. Observe and listen to nature
    4. Social:
      1. More active in Transition Town and Friends of the earth
      2. Prospect intentional communities to find the right one
  4. Leisure:
    1. Play,practice and create music more often
    2. Write more!
    3. See friends more often
    4. I would like to learn a martial art
    5. Gardening and DIY

And now, looking at that quite detailed plan, some items are straight forward in terms of resolution for 2016, for example:

  • Start Yoga and practice weekly
  • Practice high impact exercise more regularly

For some others I need to put some sort of frequency:

  • Food: meal planner, gluten free, low sugar and own veg.
  • Play,practice and create music more often ->
  • Write more!
  • See friends more often
  • I would like to learn a martial art
  • Gardening and DIY

And for most of them, being kind of long-term, even life-time action I want to do, I just need to either not plan them as a regular item but rather a bold status:

Love, care, help, support, respect and listen my family and friends.

Or plan specific actions to get a wanted result:

  • (K) to help him to have a better food diet -> find information, work on a plan with him. Involve him in cooking making meal plans weekly.
  • (My Dad) Dare to approach the “stop smoking subject” -> read about that sensitive subject, find the right moment, be strong!

My New year resolution are now taking a proper shape:

In 2016 I will:

  1. Love and care about my wife, sons, family and friends all the time.
  2. Call my parents at least once a week
  3. Call my sisters and her family at least once a month
  4. Call, email a few friends every Wednesday (Friends Day)
  5. Do yoga and/or high impact exercise at least once a week, likely Saturday and/or Sunday Morning.
  6. Practice meditation, relaxation and/or mindfulness once a week
  7. Do 15 minutes exercises/movements after waking-up every morning.
  8. Work at the allotment 3 hours per week or more
  9. Cycle more
  10. Help K and A with Homework
  11. Do learning activities with A and E once a week
  12. Teach A Music once a month or more
  13. Do programming tutorial once a month or more with K
  14. Write a weekly meal planner with K on Sunday
  15. Continue reducing gluten and sugar
  16. Go to groups and swimming pool weekly with E
  17. Have time for myself weekly to do what I like
  18. Spend time with my wife without kids more often
  19. Go outside with kids more often, even when it rains!
  20. Spend minimum 5 hours working weekly on Super Busy Daddy project
  21. Post 1 article at least per month
  22. Spend at least 2 hours per week on Transition Town and Friend of the Earth activities
  23. Look for at least 1 ecovillage to visit this year

23 things to do!
Some lines are including many actions, like contacting my parents weekly means also asking how they are, trying to talk about smoking habit, telling we are fine (when we are), etc…
And this list will be useful to draft a sort of weekly plan and to integrate in the already existing routine. For example Sunday evening should be when the all family build the meal planner together, looking at what’s left in the fridge, what everybody likes, etc… Monday is Money day for me, as it’s when I check how finances are, I can add from this year resolution something like call my sister. And so on…

I hope it will help you as well. Do you have your own way to plan your year? Please leave any comments.


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