Happy Father’s day to me!

Happy Father's DayToday Sunday 21st of June 2015 is a celebration day for all daddies in most countries.
I counted 83 countries across all continents. Which means hundreds of millions of us!
I could not find any clear estimation of how many fathers there are in the world. But if we try to guess, we are a bit more than 7 billions of people on this planet. Each person is a parent or a child, but a child can also be a parent (if he is already an adult and already has one or more kids) and a parent is also an adult-child (Usually to exists you need to be the child of somebody else)! As a very gross figure, I think there are about 1.5 billions fathers alive on the planet! Well it’s my best guess, with a total population estimated to 7.3 billions today and considering that 74% of the population is able to procreate (above fertility age, so 5.4 bn), of which 50.4% is a male (2.7 bn), I estimated 50% of these males being father which is an absolute nose guess… I am getting about 1.3 bn, that I rounded up to a 1.5 to make it beautiful. If you are writing your final essay “Number of fathers in the world”  for your PHD in statistics, please do not use this blog as a trusted source!

Super Busy Daddy’s blog is dedicated to all daddies around the world and it is meant to help us to overcome challenges in this new role as modern dads that require new skills along with the old style daddies roles…
But what is being a daddy these days?
As I can only speak for western type of father and according to my own experience, I can see as many definitions of a daddy as there are actually daddies, but there are some general outlines.

A Daddy is usually

  • a male
  • the father figure that protects the family nucleus
  • a person that brings part or all of the income to the family
  • the authority figure

On top of these traditional roles, the father nowadays take an increasing part in other tasks at home.
A modern daddy can work all day, do shopping, then go back home, change nappies, cook sometimes, wash dishes sometimes, read bed-time stories, help with school homeworks and is still in charge of taking care of the car, putting the bins out, unclogging the toilets… So he is doing some noble tasks and some less noble ones but nonetheless important actions to keep a clean, safe and happy environment for children.
Tasks at home are probably more evenly shared between mum and dad since the mother in the household is also taking up a more financial supportive role by working more paid-hours compared with mums 50 years ago, and still also doing a lot at home. So as a Dad I should not complain too much and I am actually embracing these new tasks Yes I am! Well at least sometimes. In fact, splitting tasks more equally in the household also means that our kids get to bond more equally with both parents.
And in return they are often more psychologically balanced kids, they are more self-confident and generally stronger in life, school and later at work. It has been linked that the more often a father spent time with its kids and especially in bonding with them, the more chances children will have to develop useful skills and behaviors in their future. But it is sometimes hard indeed!
To cope with finance, education, work, health and all other responsibilities you have now in your backpack. So it is essential and fair as well to leave your dad’s backpack at home sometime because it can be too heavy to carry all the time…
It is also sometimes essential to carry a lighter backpack that can contain your football kit, your DIY tools or your guitar, you can even carry no backpack at all and enjoy a night out with your mates!

Another good way to cope with our new chores is to connect with what you do. Basically it’s being aware of the moment, being mindful. I actually do enjoy washing up the dishes as I can release all accumulated stress only by focusing on the best technique to clean that plate efficiently that still have loads of ketchup and sticky pasta on it and behind it.
I try to do just one rotation with the sponge inside and outside the plate then rinse it with a thin stream of water, I watch the bubbles and listen to the sound of the water splashing plate1gently on the plate…  and I am far away from annoying thoughts like how much files I have to go through before the end of the week, and if I suddenly picture my boss, I just refocus on the plate and do another rotation… This is probably why I am not using a dishwasher after all!
So my point is that any boring tasks can actually be a good way to release any stress, by being aware of the task itself, connecting with your plate, and therefore letting your brain relax a bit while still being helpful with the household chores.

Father’s day origins also vary a lot per countries but generally it appeared during the 20th century as a non-religious celebration and much earlier with religious aspects.
Father’s day is celebrated in many different ways at many different dates in the world. It is usually not a public holiday, which is a shame to me!

It always happen on a Sunday in Australia, US, UK, Canada, France, India and many other countries. The lucky ones like Danish or German dads have their celebration day at a fixed date that can be during the working week…

Talk about crap gift: concrete ashtray…
For me father’s day means cheap useless hand-made gifts!
IT is harsh to say but that is the image I have from it, that
although I remember making a screw driver stand using heavy machinery and a battery tester with LED lamps, that was actually really fun and my dad still uses the screw driver stand more than 35 years later!

What is important to me: love and breakfast!
What Super Busy Daddy would like for its father’s day?
I can do without the sponge rotation on the plate for a day actually! On top of having a fullbkfastbreak with the usual daily chores, I would not mind having a lie down. The cliché of having breakfast in bed is actually quite good after all, a full English breakfast would perfectly do for me! (I am going to ask my partner to review this blog before posting it on father’s day… she may be inspired by it!). For the rest, I really don’t want any pricey gifts, I will be very happy with loads of cuddles from the littles ones and from their mum!

Happy Father’s day to all daddies!!!
Finally, I wish a happy day to all of you daddies from all countries, all cultures, young daddies, old daddies, married daddies, divorced daddies, single daddies, widowed daddies, straight daddies, gay daddies, full-time daddies, part-time daddies, biological or not daddies, daddies of daddies ( I know grand daddies have their day as well, but they deserve 2 days!) and all the others. Remember this blog is yours.
And the most important one:
Happy Father’s Day Daddy!
And of course Happy Father’s day to me!



  1. Hosting

    Happy fathers day.and .lot of love to all fathers the place of my father in my life like GOD..

    1. admin (Post author)

      I am happy to hear that your father takes such a place in your life, thanks for your comment Jeremy


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