LibreOffice Calc & Python Programming: Part 0 – Get started

I am very exited to start new series of articles to help you with learning new skills.

This tutorial is intended for you if you are looking to use LibreOffice Calc in a more productive way as well as if you want to learn a practical way to use the Python programming language.

My goal is to do this in roughly 10 parts, with a soft learning curve introducing Python and its awesome capabilities to interact with LibreOffice suite, in particular with LibreOffice Calc for this tutorial.

WHY did I choose to teach you Python to write programs to interact with LibreOffice Calc?

There are two reasons:

  1. To me it is not worth using the built-in LibreOffice Macro Language and it’s better to use a language that you can use for other things
  2. Python is awesome! I could have choose JavaScript, C++ or any other programming language that LibreOffice supports, but I prefer Python because it’s so easier than any other programming language when you start programming.

WHAT’s the plan?

  1. Making sure that you have everything ready: software, add-on, documentation.
  2. A quick example to check if everything is in place
  3. Defining the project: writing the blue print
  4. Working on the Project
  5. Wrap-up and possible extensions

I can’t wait to start. However, I am Super Busy Daddy, and as I explained recently I have a very busy life at the moment, so I am going to be realistic and have a target of 1 article every two weeks for this tutorial, this is going to be a long exiting journey!


  1. Nukool Chompuparn

    Looking forward to reading LibreOffice Calc & Python Programming: Part 1 and thank you in advance.

    1. gweno (Post author)

      Hi. Thanks for your comment. It motivates me to start it now!


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